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Pay Now, Pick Later

Risk-free way to lend working capital to businesses by pre-ordering their goods.

Pre-order from vetted businesses & leave the risk with us.

Pre-order the brands you love all in one place.

Discover new products & connect with their producers.

"For those who understand that quality takes time & great things await those who wait."

Thola provides product-based peer-to-peer lending marketplace that enables consumers to lend working capital to small businesses by pre-ordering their goods and processing payment on the marketplace. Consumers will then get their products at an agreed time in future.

Join our community of patient consumers

Imagine a world where you could pre-order products you love from any store in the world & have your collection all in one place?
We are making that possible; join our consumer pre-order mobile app waitlist & let's shop whatever we want & whenever we want it!

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1 Sansome street, Suite 3500, San Francisco, CA 94104  |  Tel: +1 415 323 8521

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