"I just want the world to experience the joy and pride of owning a farm, the same way I do."

Nneile Nkholise
Thola Co-founder & 5th generation farmer


Our Story

Owning a high production farm is depended on 3 things; access to rich land, wealth of expertise & experience and access to capital. Those 3 things are rare because rich and nourished land is a limited resource, experience requires access to limited opportunities and there are high barriers to accessing risk capital in agricultural sector.


We experienced those challenges when we were trying to establish productive farms ourselves, and we discovered that we shared the pain with a lot of people globally - who want to access opportunities in agriculture but are met by high barriers of access.

We therefore discovered that there was an opportunity of building a global community that connects farmers/producers owning high production farms with people interested in agriculture, to create a connected marketplace that enables people to own high production virtual farms, with assets from the best producers in the world. 

Through Thola; we are providing an investment marketplace for fractional ownership in organic high yield agricultural commodities. Enabling a billion people globally own high production virtual farms and equally giving producers access to patient capital and access to new high growth markets.