We are not just a trading platform; we take you on an adventure to discover some of the world's most rare organic agricultural assets & their passionate producers.


1. Sign up and select investment plan

We offer four (4) different plans, tailored for different investors' needs and their level of experience investing in agricultural commodities or alternative assets as a whole.
The money is saved in investors' wallets, to use for investing in assets on Thola.


2. View assets available for investing

Users can filter the assets they want to see by country - which will show assets from specific country selected. Or they can filter by asset class, asset type and maximum share price. 
This gives users the opportunity to pick assets based on their unique needs.

3. Select asset & purchase shares

When a user has an asset they're interested in; they can select the asset and add the number of shares they want to purchase. They will then select their desired investment lock-up period which will show projected returns based on the selected lock-up period.
Following investment terms selection; a user can add their asset to their farm.

When lock-up period has ended; users can trade their shares in assets to their peers and wider Thola community.

4. Access peer-2-peer share trading


5. Access virtual farm & earn rewards

For real time reporting on asset performance, overall portfolio performance and market trends. Users also get to collect rewards for owning shares in assets from farms that are CO2 certified.