Partner with Thola & continue selling your products 365 days of the year.


Partner with Thola & to optimize your business' cashflow

Thola offers producers a unique solution that allows them to access working capital lending from their customers through product pre-ordering.

This enables producers to achieve sales certainty, increase cashflow and discover products that customers love the most.

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Apply online

Apply to join our Thola partner program.

Access our production management platform

Once approved to join program; get access to Thola merchant environment for listing products for pre-ordering, access our pre-order APIs, to connect to your online e-commerce store front.

Get verified

Get your business and offerings verified & approved for pre-ordering to provide security to your customers.

Start getting pre-order sales

Start getting sales through our pre-order checkout tool connected to your payment processing software that allows every pre-order sale to reach your account immediately.

Get capital

Start accessing continuous working capital.